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Best Competitive Prices

We take our time sourcing out the perfect parts and materials when working on your vessel. We find the best quality materials for the best price available.

You are Satisfied

If we finish a project for you and you are unhappy with the results, please contact us. Explain to us why you feel the way that you do. We will discuss the issue and decide how to move forward.

We are Here

If you have any questions regarding our services, or if you need immediate assistance troubleshooting your boat, we will be here. We will give you a call back to sort out the issue as soon as we are available to do so.

Our Services

If you have ever owned a yacht, you know them to be a very complex system of moving parts. Yachts are designed for pure pleasure, although they often suffer from setbacks. Weather conditions in South Florida are extremely taxing on these beautiful boats, requiring constant maintenance. 

"Our goal is to provide consistent and reliable service when you need it most." Paul Stalter, CEO

Air Conditioning


Soaking up sun on your yacht feels amazing, stepping into an air conditioned salon also feels amazing. We specialize in making sure your system is designed and operating properly. Effectively cooling the interior and removing harmful, damaging levels of humidity. Ultimately creating a comfortable and healthy breathing environment.

Exterior Teak


A yacht’s beauty is complemented heavily by the condition of its decks, and other exterior wood surfaces. We have craftsmen on staff with the proper equipment, that are passionate about maintaining and protecting these beautiful, expensive materials.

Welding and Polishing


We have highly skilled and experienced welders on staff, ready to tackle almost any welding project or repair. 

Interior Cleaning


Our team is fully equipped with the safest and most effective cleaning products for your yacht. We are careful around the delicate woodwork and any beautiful belongings you might have on the boat. We strive to make your yacht look brand new once again.



Yachts require constant maintenance. Responsible yacht owners choose us because we understand each and every moving part within your vessel, in a way that allows us to best manage and maintain it. By applying unparalleled knowledge, and skill to every maintenance job, we get the job done right the first time.



Few things are more inconvenient than your vessel not being ready when you are ready to use it. We inspect your vessel to ensure the correct maintenance is being performed on the  ships many systems. Often, our maintenance service model prevents costly equipment failures. If we find something that isn’t right, we will communicate our recommendations. Once a quote is approved, we will correct the problem as efficient and quickly as possible. 

Dry Dock Services

Fiberglass and Gel Coat Repairs


Ocean waters are known for taking a heavy toll on the fiberglass exterior of a boat. In order to combat salt erosion, water damage and sun damage, our crew will dry dock your vessel to repair any fiberglass issues, while also giving it a brand new gel coat to ensure optimal protection for future outings on the water.

Bottom Stripping and Painting


 Our team is equipped to safely and carefully remove your yacht from the water and secure it at our partner facilities, where our experienced service team will work to have your vessel back in perfect working order as soon as possible.

Engine Repair and Maintenance


When you encounter mechanical problems, we will ensure that the problem is addressed expertly and thoroughly. We will do our best to make sure the problem is resolved and repaired correctly, the first time.



Members of our team specialize in these complex electrical systems onboard yachts. We have the experience to troubleshoot your problem, understand what happened, and make a permanent repair.

Haul Out Services


Hauling your boat out annually is a great opportunity to perform important  underwater inpections. This gives us an opportunity to inspect areas of your vessel that are typically inaccessible while the boat is in the water. YachtCare will guide you through all of your needs, from hauling out your boat, to getting it back to your slip safely. 

Drives, Shafts & Underwater gears


An immobile yacht is an investment in jeopardy. If you’re having issues with your drives, shafts or underwater gears, YachtCare is here to ensure that it’s immediately dry docked and thoroughly examined. We’ll pinpoint any issues in your mechanics to ensure that the next time you hit the open water, your yacht responds with precision and mechanical stability.

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We offer many services that may not be listed above. Give us a friendly call or drop us an email, and we will get back to you with an answer to whatever question you might have.

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